A Poem About Love

DirectorsNora Särak, Dominik Krutský
ProducerÜlo Pikkov
Produced by Silmviburlane
FestivalsNordic Lübeck Film Days, Galway Film Fleadh

A Poem About Love (2018) is an expression through the film language of emotions about when you leave your home country for the first time without thinking of returning, and the collage of thoughts that occur when you decide to change your life completely because of an unexpected love. It’s a film about the feeling when you realize that you can lose the earth under your legs without an earthquake.

A Poem About Love is part of the short documentary collection Roots, which joined six personal and diverse stories about womanhood. Watch another documentary from the same collection from here.


In a Way, A Poem About Love is a diary. It’s a youthful and light film about love and being on the road.  How would you describe your approach with A Poem about Love? What was your intention with the film and how was the film born? 

After some time we (Nora and Dominik) met between Estonia and the Czech Republic, and we decided to travel together to the South. We were shooting this film while being on the road, in love and getting to know each other. We didn’t have a structure for the film in our minds, we were driven by the emotions and occasions that our trip fulfilled.

This film is also a letter to home to share the thoughts, because while being on the way you don’t realize how far you have gone and what you are leaving behind you. Everything new seems much more interesting. It’s a letter from the end of the trip, which grows from a new understanding of the word “home”.


Nora Särak (1988) is an independent filmmaker from Estonia living and working in Prague. She has a bachelor’s degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts, where she focused on graphic arts, performance and video art. In 2015 she received a master’s degree from Baltic Film and Media School in the Directing Documentary department. In addition, she has done an internship in Ohrid Film Academy in Macedonia. Nora Särak has been directing, editing and shooting documentary films since 2012. Since summer 2018 she works at the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague.

Dominik Krutský. Born in a time when the first Czech nuclear plant was activated and one year before the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident. Studied at many distant specialization high schools, quitting the possibility of a place in an orchestra with a French horn, finding a place at a school of communication engineering, followed by studies at Charles University – History of Christian art and then studies at FAMU where I also got opportunity to teach. I am developing my own projects and at the same attitude I also cooperate on different stages of commercial and author (low budget, student and other) films. Mostly I am working as a freelance editor, colour grader and postproduction coordinator. I also have professional experience as an Assistant Director. Next to the practical works I try to express myself through theoretical reflections.


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