The Gull Theorem

DirectorJoosep Matjus
ProducerEero Talvistu
Produced byExitfilm

The Gull Theorem (2014). We spend more and more time inside, behind the desks, surrounded by electronics, and illusioned by the large office windows of being outside, being free. There are several wild species living in this artificial environment that we call a city, and like gulls, they rustle amidst reflecting endless glass and metal. Gulls are living in the city for the same reason as we do – it is easier to get along here. Hence, there is a lot of reflection of gulls in us.

The bird is an opportunist by nature, a good conformer like us, and it is inherent for them to gather in colonies to be safer. Their beak is perfect for opening packages. We are equally skillful on the soil, in the air and on the water – we are real survivors. Primitive nations believe that there is no difference between a man and an animal – there is an animal in a man, and a man is hidden in every animal.


Joosep Matjus is a documentary filmmaker. His nature documentary The Wind Sculpted Land was a local box-office hit.