They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music

DirectorJanno Jürgens
ScriptwritersAnti Naulainen, Janno Jürgens
CastEvald Aavik, Oliver Linnas, Tiina Tauraite, Taavi Tõnisson, Rain Simmul
ProducerKristjan Pütsep
Produced byAlasti Kino

They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music (2016) tells the story of Aleksander –  an older gentleman, who maintains a blooming garden surrounding his old house in a sleepy resort town. His grandson spends the summer with him and learns about the ways of nature. That’s before the autumn brings home Aleksander’s daughter Marju, who hopes to inherit the old man’s house, tear it down, and put up a guesthouse on the lot instead.


The central element of They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music is a touching grandfather-grandson connection. Yet it’s also about greed and a difference in values which can tear families apart. What’s the inspiration behind the story? 

The inspiration for me was my grandfather, who used to order black tulip bulbs from Germany and also his big house next to the sea, in which once stayed Nikolai Roerich himself.


Director Janno Jürgens’ films can be described as Nordic family dramas infused with melancholic undertones. He often collaborates with indie film studio Alasti Kino. His debut feature Rain will premiere this year.


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