Sounds Good

DirectorSander Joon
ScriptwriterSander Joon
Produced byEstonian Academy of Arts, The Animation Workshop (Open Workshop), BOP! Animation
FestivalsFilmfest Dresden, Annecy, Ottawa, Stuttgart, Fredrikstad

Sounds Good (2018) is a semi-experimental short animation which is inspired by the world of sounds. The main character is running around with a sound recorder. Parallel to his attempts, we see contemporary art curators who are bored and confused about the film and the environment they’re in. They decide to take matters into their own hands and do a performance. The mould and mushrooms in this film interconnect everything by being the main source of the sound effects. They also glue together the absurd storylines and build tension. They grow exponentially and the sound intensifies as the film progresses.


Sound has an essential part in your work. In Sounds Good, the central character is a sound recorder who’s trying to record the sound of mushrooms. What’s the story behind the character? And why mushrooms?

My initial idea for Sounds Good was to make a film where the sound would be the lead. I played around with an idea of mute objects producing sounds. The boom operator came from a necessity for the main character who would capture these sounds. At that point, I felt a connection with Man With a Movie Camera by Dziga Vertov and I decided to convert this short into a homage to his film. Whereas he explored what could be done with images, I focused on the possibilities of sound.
Not many people know how fungi sound. This gave me the freedom to give them any sound I wished. Also, I have an annoying relationship with fungi – be it mould at home that seems to follow me everywhere I move, or my childhood fear that mushrooms could grow between your toes. Ugh!


Sander Joon is an Estonian animation artist. He works with 2D and 3D digital animation, as well as traditional hand-drawn animation. In his work Joon focuses on the consequent design and uses animation to create surreal worlds with a dash of humour. His films Velodrool (2015), Moulinet (2017), and Sounds Good (2018) have screened at festivals all over the world, and won awards from several festivals, among others Stuttgart, PÖFF Shorts, Kaboom and Fredrikstad. He’s currently working on his short Rehvivargad, which is set to premiere in 2021.


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