Recover Connection

DirectorTõnis Pill
ScriptwriterJohan Kudu
CastReimo Sagor, Mart Nurk, Taavi Eelmaa
ProducerMona Mi Mikkin
Produced byBaltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM)

Recover Connection (2017). Young detective Siim goes undercover to capture the region’s biggest drug lord. During the operation, he finds himself looking at the familiar face of a man he has not seen for over twenty years, giving the sting a much more complex outcome.


The central element of Recover Connection is a complex father-son relationship set in the ruthless reality of drug trafficking. Your work often carries us to the complicated situations of everyday life. How do you position yourself as a filmmaker and what kind of stories are you drawn to?

I try to tell stories which are set in a realistic world, staying away from anything magical or fantastical. I find that film should be as raw as the life of a regular person. But as I try to create these realistic worlds, I always try to find something in the story which is so impossible and unlikely that it can’t be real. If I find that “something”, I try to make it look as plausible and logical as possible. And if I can manage that, I’ll feel like I succeeded in making a compelling story with an interesting and gripping conflict. I guess I can say that I am not specifically hooked on specific themes in my work, but I rather try to find interesting characters whose dynamic relationships would be interesting and compelling to observe.


Tõnis Pill graduated in 2017 from the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School, specializing in Film Directing. After graduating from film school, Tõnis has refined himself with the help of numerous directing and screenwriting workshops and has also worked as a guest-tutor. He has directed several short films. His creative handwriting is characterized by realism, an extreme focus on his characters. Tõnis is currently developing his first feature film, and when he is not directing he works as a 1st Assistant Director. His newest short Blue is set for release in 2020.