Food Chain

DirectorsMari Kivi, Liis Kokk
ScriptwritersMari Kivi, Liis Kokk
Produced by Estonian Academy of Arts
FestivalsStuttgart, Annecy, Fredrikstad, KABOOM, IndieLisboa

Food Chain (2018) is a film about making food and consuming it. The producing part itself is not always as clean as we hope, yet we turn a blind eye as long as the end product looks desirable enough. The film plays with the fantasy of making food, and the satisfaction we get from delightful products.


Food Chain takes us to the dark side of the food industry. How was the idea for the film born?

Both of us have been working in the food industry. We have seen the hidden of it, and while talking about it we got inspired to play with the idea in animation. Eating chicken nuggets at the same time brought us even closer to understanding that, as humans, we don’t care how things are made – we concentrate on how delicious it looks.


Mari Kivi has a background in painting and illustration. Food Chain was a starting point for her relationship with puppet animation. Now she is sketching a world for her new film – again about food.

Liis Kokk is an Estonian animator studying for her Master’s degree in animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She’s currently working on her new drawn film, and teaching animation at Nukufilmi Lastestuudio.


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