Director Marta Pulk
ScriptwriterMarta Pulk
ProducerKarolina Veetamm
Produced byKinosaurus Film

In True (2018), five strangers meet in a doctor’s office. In a changing world, even an innocent joke is enough to trigger an avalanche.


True is a dark comedy set in a doctor’s office where people are waiting in line for their appointment. The cold atmosphere awakens their hidden fears and complexes. How was the idea for the film born?

In recent years our world has become more and more ideologically polarized. In most of the western world that has led to a situation where even a simple family gathering is not possible without political fights around the dinner table. True stems directly from that, it’s a little distilled model of our society – our vulnerabilities and what ticks us off. With a hint of humour just as absurd as our lives.


Marta Pulk (1988) is an Estonian director who graduated with a MA from the Baltic Film and Media School. Working in both documentary and fiction, her shorts have screened at numerous film festivals worldwide. Her first feature length documentary “A Year Full of Drama” premiered at Sydney Film Festival and has been selected for Docs Against Gravity and BAFICI among others. She is currently working on the documentary feature “Tell me” – an international collaboration between 15 countries, creating a poetic portrait of humanity in isolation during the Covid 19 pandemic, through anonymous voice mails collected all over the world.


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