Ninja Twins from Another Dimension

DirectorsEsko Brothers: Raul & Romet Esko
ScriptwritersEsko Brothers: Raul & Romet Esko
CastRomet Esko, Raul Esko, Chiara Viidas
Produced byEsko Brothers, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM)

Ninja Twins from Another Dimension (2020). In a dimension unknown two brothers are born. Both equally powerful they must fight to determine the balance of the universe. Directors depict the bizarre nature of the world trough a cinematic kung fu fight scene.


Film Ninja Twins from Another Dimension was born during the quarantine and is part of the 1-minute film competition organised by the Estonian Film Institute. Was it easy to push a film into a 1- minute timeframe? And why ninjas?

It is always a challenge to push a film into a very short format, there is no time to waste, every second counts and must have a purpose. On the other hand, it’s just a minute, so if it sucks, we only wasted a minute.

We watched a lot of movies during lockdown, and were strongly influenced by kung fu classics like Enter the Dragon, The Flying Guillotine and wanted to create something that would feel similar. There is something very unique about ninjas – medieval Japanese mercenary agents whose sole purpose was to be excellent at martial arts. Maybe deep down we always have wanted to be real ninjas, so we made a film about it.

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Esko brothers Romet and Raul are 21 years old twin filmmakers who have dedicated their lives to creating kickass entertainment in a quest to defeat evil powers within the world.

The brothers have been making short films and goofing around with cameras since early childhood and are currently studying in Baltic Media Film School. Not only are they growing online followers with clever posts and funny videos, but gaining experience and reputation in the art of filmmaking. In 2018 Raul and Romet finished their first short film about bigfoot. During the summer of 2019, Raul and Romet directed a sci-fi short film about aliens in America. In February of 2020, Raul and Romet took home the best editing award from the annual BFM gala for their creative documentary. The brothers have a signature that cannot be missed – mixed parody of pop culture, a dynamic film language, retro fresh elements, and true passion.

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