DirectorJass Kaselaan
ScriptwriterJass Kaselaan
Produced byEstonian Academy of Arts
FestivalsThessaloniki Animation Festival, Kraków International Green Film Festival

Gaia (2018). The Gaia hypothesis proposes that Earth is a giant self-regulating system, which is able to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet.


You are mainly known as a sculptor. How did you find your path to animation?

I started to study animation because it seemed exciting and enjoyable. In many ways it’s an opposing medium to sculpture – at my age, one has to improve oneself from time to time, and learn something new. Gaia is my first animation exercise – I learned the basic skills of animation, drawing, sound design, editing. During the past years I have been busy with sculpture and haven’t had enough time for animation. However, I hope it will change in the near future.


Jass Kaselaan combines sculpture, sound and other mediums in his work creating powerful spatial installations. His works contain an existential spirituality, bringing up questions about religion and science in relation to technological progress, but also about the relation between animals and humans. One of his most well-known works is The Square of Dolls – larger-than-life dolls made of concrete, which now stand in the backyard of the Art Museum of Estonia. He has been awarded with Anton Starkopf’s stipend (2011), Kristjan Raud’s award (2014) and the Köler Prize grand prix (2014). Gaia is Kaselaan’s first animated film, although he hopes to get deeper into the field in the near future.

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